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ArtRim rimless glasses are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. They are made of a polycarbonate material, which reduces the fragility of the glasses and is extremely impact resistant. However, as more people wear rimless glasses, optical labs are refusing to mount lenses made from CR-39. In the United Kingdom, most optical laboratories have adopted a policy of only processing polycarbonate lenses in rimless frames.

Legendary Looks ArtRim eyeglasses come in a wide range of color and style options. The Clubman Art-Rim is one of the most popular styles. Available in silver or white, it has 145 millimeter-long temple pieces and a 51 millimeter-wide lens. The Art-Rim can be customized by getting a prescription lens installed if desired.

ArtRim rimless glasses by LINDBERG are lightweight and elegant. They are made of titanium and other lightweight materials, and some models weigh just 1.9 grams. They have a unique front mounting technique, which allows wearers with very high prescriptions to experience the comfort of rimless eyewear, while also providing a clean, minimalist look.

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