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As a career, you should consider career options and certifications. Besides that, you should also consider employment opportunities. There are many options for you, starting from independent practice to a company. But before you get started, make sure you understand your objectives. You will know whether you are suited for this kind of work only if you are prepared to learn and work hard.


The online world offers a new dimension to careers in eyecare. Opticians are highly sought after in many locations. As the nation's fashion capital, London in UK is one of the most popular places to wear eyeglasses. Opticians in London must have a minimum of an associate's degree, national certifications, and several years of professional experience in order to be successful.

Opticians work in various locations, including optometrists offices and retail chains. Opticians work in various locations such as Optical Center which has many stores in London and around the world. Some optometrists work independently while others work with partners. They work during office hours and may display all types of frames and contact lenses. Opticians usually enjoy a relaxed work schedule and are often convenient.

The education required for opticians varies depending on the area of practice and state. Optician training programs should include internships that will help students gain practical skills and learn about office practices. Some individuals also complete a two-year apprenticeship with an optician.


A career as an optician may seem difficult to attain, but online courses can provide a path to this lucrative field. In addition to online courses, you can enroll in an apprenticeship program offered by the Department of Labor and Industry (DLI). The DLI offers a two-year program where registered apprentices must complete coursework while on-the-job training. The Career Studies Certificate for Optician Apprentice CSC has a comprehensive curriculum and prepares graduates for employment as opticians. In addition, it is an equal opportunity institution.

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