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Virtually Unbreakable Glasses

Swing virtually unbreakable glasses offer the wearer something special and unique. All Swing frames are made from a tough and virtually unbreakable plastic material which is extremely lightweight and durable. These fashionable and colourful frames have been designed to appeal to children and adults of all ages. Swing frames come in many colours, shapes and sizes. The smaller styles, for younger children also come with an adjustable cord, and a night stand Frame Friend animal as illustrated. Swing frames are ideal for active children, due to their ability to offer the wearer a high level of resistance, from extreme handling and rigorous daily wear.

Swing frames are produced using TR-90 Natural technology which is 100% antibacterial. The frames are made using organic food dye during production and also contain no toxic materials which can sometimes be associated with allergic skin reactions from other types of plastics.

A Lightweight Solution For Glasses

TR-90 plastic is extremely lightweight and tough, this means that Swing frames do not require any internal metal strengthening rods for support. By eliminating any internal metal, Swing frames are extremely lightweight thus not hindering the facial development of younger children.

Perfectly designed, focused for a fashionable look especially on a child’s small face. Swing frames offer perfect weight distribution, ensuring greater comfort for all spectacle wearers.

Swing virtually unbreakable glasses are light, flexible, and virtually unbreakable.  Made with 100% organic raw recycled materials, Swing frames offer an affordable solution, and with the added benefit of a material that enhances the experience for all Swing spectacle wearers.

For many of us, aside from improving our eyesight, how the frames actually look on our face is the most important aspect when choosing glasses. The wearer should consider their face shape and colour and also their personality when it comes to choosing the ideal frames.

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