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From now on our communications will have a new look, but why is this so important? Because you are the focus of our new communication. At Carl Zeiss we work towards providing you with captivating moments and incomparable visual experiences. And if perfect vision has allowed you to experience these special moments then we have achieved our goal and our products have stood the test.

The ZEISS brand started way back in 1846 when the company was founded by Carl Zeiss. For more than 165 years, the ZEISS name has become a benchmark for precision within the various optical fields: microscopy, semiconductor technology, medical technology, camera and film lenses, sports optics and, since 1912, spectacle lenses. Throughout this time the ZEISS brand has managed to remain young and innovative, and globally it stands for the core competences of innovation, reliability and customer orientation in every one of its business areas.

The Vision Care Group at Carl Zeiss provides spectacle wearers and opticians with tailored vision solutions through the comprehensive ZEISS lens portfolio, unique optical and medical expertise, measurement and vision analysis equipment, as well as spectacle accessories. Every day we commit ourselves to giving you the best possible vision based on our experience.

But what makes our work, products and services so fascinating? You and your personal experiences, the details of the moment when our spectacle lenses help you to see things more clearly, accurately, quickly and simply better – that’s all that counts to us.

For instance, while driving at night you notice a wild animal run into the road and you have enough time to brake. You can play and lark around with your children while still being able to see things close by and far away incredibly clearly. Or while in a meeting you can easily switch between looking at your laptop and your colleagues to work in a more concentrated manner.

Therefore our new communication demonstrates exactly what you will measure ZEISS spectacle lenses on: seeing special moments better than ever before.

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