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p>Prism bifocals are designed to correct double vision for the presbyopic lens wearer.

The bifocal lens which is made to any shape or size, allows for different amounts of prism, to be prescribed in both the distance and near vision portions of the lens.

Double Vision (Diplopia)

Double vision (medically known as diplopia) is seeing two images of a single object. The two images may be one on top of the other, side by side, or even a mix of both.

Prism Controlled Segment Bifocals

Our prism controlled bifocal lenses, allow for different amounts of prism for distance and near to be incorporated into one lens. As the prism can be different in every direction it’s beneficial for prescriptions where different amounts of prism are needed for distance and near, as well as controlling differential prism.

Prism Bifocals – Lens Information


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